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Getting started


Who is it for?

Anyone with a UTORid can sign themselves up! The Office of the Vice President, Research has made this available to all faculty, staff, students and hospital partners. All you need to know is your UTORid and password to create an account and arrange your preferences.

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Create your account

Creating an account is as easy as counting to 4:

  1. Click the Log in button on the homepage
  2. Enter your UTORid and password and click LOG IN again
  3. Place a checkmark in the boxes beside the categories that interest you
  4. Click the Save button to activate your account

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Create an account for someone else

Research Alerts uses the University’s UTORid data to create accounts for each subscriber. As the UTORid is personalized and unique, subscribers can protect their UTORid by creating their own account in just a few steps. Please see the section ‘Create your account’ for step-by-step instructions.

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Manage tags

Changing your account preferences can be done in a few easy steps:

  1. Click the Log in button on the homepage
  2. Enter your UTORid and password and click LOG IN again
  3. Select the My Tags link in the top right side of the page
  4. Add or remove checkmarks beside your preferred categories
  5. Click the Save button to commit your changes to Research Alerts

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Manage contact information

With these few steps you can guickly update your name, e-mail address, UTORid and password:

  1. Click the Log in button on the homepage
  2. Enter your UTORid and password and click LOG IN again
  3. Select the My Profile link to change your username, password* and e-mail address.
  4. Click Save to commit your changes to Research Alerts

*NOTE: Changing your Research Alerts password does not change your UTORid password for other programs.

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I forgot my password

Your Research Alerts password is the same as your UTORid password. This password is used to log into other U of T locations such as your computer, e-mail account and the University of Toronto portal.
Your UTORid is managed externally from Research Alerts. If you forgot your password you can reset it through the UTORid Management page.
NOTE: If you reset your UTORid password to access Research Alerts, it will also be reset for all other applications you use it with. You may be asked to log into other programs again after making this change.

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Can't log in

Error: No account found
If you have received this error it means that your account does not exist, or it may have been created with a different user name.
If it does not exist you can create it through the ‘Sign Up’ tab on the homepage. If you have successfully accessed it in the past, please verify your UTORid and password and then contact us.
Error: Authentication failed
Some subscribers have different passwords for their e-mail and computers. Usually one of these passwords matched with your UTORid will log you in. You can also try your UTORid and password on another U of T program to see if it works elsewhere. The UTORid management page lists all options for managing a login that does not work on multiple sites.

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Not getting Alerts, or getting the wrong Alerts

  • Log in and check account settings to make sure your tags have been selected and the correct e-mail address appears in your profile.
  • Browse the categories you believe you should be receiving alerts from and see when the last alert was written.
  • If you signed yourself up and are in one of the following roles, please contact us:
    • Animal Care Committee Members
    • CAO / CFO
    • Chair / Academic Director
    • Dean / Principal
    • Departmental Business Officer
    • Departmental Research Facilitator
    • Ethics Committee Members
    • Faculty
    • Faculty Research Facilitator
    • Vice Dean / Vice-Principal Research

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Contact us

Send an e-mail to or click this link to start the e-mail.

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